School Board Member Leslie Ellison Secures 50% of Votes, Advances to Run-Off With Strong Lead

School Board Member Leslie Ellison secured an overwhelming lead in the primary election, securing 50% of votes for the District 4 school board seat. Early voting for the run-off to re-elect Ellison will take place November 20-28, 2020. Election Day is Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020.

School Board Member Ellison said: “Thank you District 4 for your overwhelming support, prayers and votes! You supported me in a major way during the primary election. As a community we stand strong and together when we put children first. Let’s keep it that way! We’re rising above the fray. We were FIRST in the primary with 50% of the votes. I humbly ask for your votes again in the runoff. Every child and every vote counts! Let’s secure our victory.”

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